Carbon Fiber Airbox BMW E46 M3

Carbon Fiber "CSL-Style" Airbox for the E46 M3

Carbon Airbox BMW E46 M3

Racing technology perfectly transferred to the road

PRICE: 1.795,- Euro These prices include the sales tax.

Carbon airbox BMW E46 M3

Carbon airbox BMW E46 M3 INFO

The mission of the airbox is feeding throttles with air.

BMW E46 M3 carbon airbox

This carbon fiber airbox for the S54 (BMW E46 M3) engine is producing more horsepower by virtue of providing a cleaner flow path of air into the inlet trumpets.

This Carbon Fiber Airbox for the E46 M3 is quite similar to the unit that BMW designed for the E46 M3 CSL.

Limitation of the factory airbox is that due to packaging constraints, the inlet trumpets end up facing the opposite side of the airbox with not that much space in-between for a smooth airflow pathway. The Carbon Fiber "CSL-Style" Airbox for the E46 M3 allows an intuitively smoother flow of air into the trumpets.

BMW M3 E46 carbon airbox

Carbon Airbox BMW E46 M3 Details

Carbon airbox M3 E46

Rings 50 mm

M3 carbon airbox E46

Carbon fiber Air funnel from 140 mm to 95 mm.

Carbon Airbox E46 M3 NOTE

Note : Airbox requires proper software to work correctly,and gain the most horse power.


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